Electronic Signature Technology is Now Universal in Maryland Real Estate

Maryland Real Estate

Electronic Signature Technology is Now Universal in Maryland Real Estate

Sign on the digital bottom line next time you buy, sell or lease a property in Rockville, Maryland. When it comes to Convenient Real Estate Transactions in Rockville MD few things are as revolutionary as the electronic signature allowed to sign real estate documents. If you haven’t done a real estate transaction in the last year or so then you probably didn’t realize this upgrade that is now almost universal across all real estate offices in the state.

What is an electronic signature and what are the benefits?

An electronic record is defined as “a record created, generated, sent, communicated, received or restored by electronic means.” An electronic signature is a digital version of your autograph that gets applied to these documents, by a tap of your phone or tablet screen, or a click of your computer’s mouse.

Electronic signatures are modernizing the real estate industry and cutting down on a lot of time, considering all of the papers that get signed throughout the entire process. Just one real estate transaction used to create dozens of hard copy documents that had to be signed in-person. Now, what could be more adverse to our mobile-centric world than meeting up in various places around Rockville to sign the latest document your agent just printed out?

For agents, accepting electronic transactions and e-signatures gives them a new opportunity to stay competitive, attract new business, better serve current clients, and improve their bottom line. Buying a cottage? Digital signature technology makes it so that you don’t need to drive for hours just to sign a counter offer. Just the cost of gas alone is enough to make buyers, sellers and agents alike agree on e-signatures before they agree on anything else.

E-signatures also make it easier to track changes in documents so that last minute changes are clear and noticeable. Most e-signature tools actually highlight any changes and ask the signing party to acknowledge the change. Other tools add in contacts management, and long-term storage for digital documents.

Maryland helped pioneer the e-signature revolution

You might be surprised to know that Maryland was one of the first states to grant electronic contracts the same status as paper and pen contracts. But it has taken about 13 years to get to a place where digital signatures were as universally asked for and accepted.

Real estate seems to be the last frontiers for e-signatures purely based on law and policy. National laws define an electronic signature, and how e-signature technology can currently being used by real estate professionals but agents all over Maryland have embraced this technology daily to make transactions quicker and more efficient.

For more convenient real estate transactions in Rockville MD, ask if your real estate agent accepts digital signatures for documents. They will still have to maintain hard copies of paper documents once signed, but you get to enjoy a streamlined process with less waste.

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